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  My Name is Joe but I've been better known as Dynomite Joe online until just a couple years ago while hosting the weekly Karaoke show at Johnny B's Outlaw Saloon. The Owner :

 Johnny Ballard called me Outlaw Joe and as luck would have it the OutlawJoe Dot Com Website was available!

  Today however I'm very busy with Multiple Projects including Publishing the Bayou City Bull Newspaper. In addition to being a Professional Photographer the Newspaper Publisher and CEO of Another Smile News.

  I've joined the great group of people and cast members of the incredible Tommy's Garage show which comes on  every Sunday Morning here Locally on Fox 26 at 1:30am I've been in the audience these past couple of weeks but hope soon that Tommy Adkins decides to put me on the Panel as one of the Tommy's Garage Mechanics.

   After 8 years on Facebook as Dynomite Joe with OVER 3300 Friends My Profile was Deactivated for sharing the Video of Police Killing the Homeless Guy in Baton Rouge. At least for now I'm anti-Facebook but you can find me on Twitter, YouTube and around the internet as (Dynomite Joe) and (or) Outlaw Joe!

  Please Check out my Online Portfolio via...


Welcome to Outlaw Joe

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